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Author Instructions

General Instructions
Now Publishers Inc uses modern production techniques to create both printed and online formats of author's articles. These processes have been developed to make it easy for authors to create their articles in a way in which we can quickly produce the published version. To help us keep costs low and provide rapid publication we ask our authors to create their articles in LaTeX or Microsoft Word. We are not expecting camera-ready copy from our authors so please do not spend time perfecting the layout of your paper. After submission we will copy-edit and proof-read your article for grammatical errors. The author stylefiles create a layout for the printed book version of your article. We will use this to create the online HTML and journal style PDF layout. To help you further, please adopt the following guidelines

Consecutive Numbering of Parts
All manuscript pages, footnotes, equations, and references should be labeled in consecutive numerical order. Illustrations and tables should be cited in text in numerical order.

Please provide an abstract to the article. This will be used as the cover text in the printed book version and in the online journal version. It should describe what the paper reviews and for whom it is of interest. The abstract will also appear in various online and printed abstract journals.

A numbered list of references must be provided at the end of the paper. The list should be alphabetical. List only one reference per reference number. During production we will use these references to create links to the cited articles if they are available on the internet. It is, therefore, very important that you supply as complete a reference as possible and that it is structured in the manner requested. See the special instructions pertaining to the particular style file you use.

Figures, Tables, and Captions List
All graphics should be submitted as separate files, preferably in Encapsulated PostScript, although TIFF and Postscript are also acceptable. By default we will use colour figures in the HTML and PDF files available online, but print in black and white. When supplying colour figures or halftones (photos), ensure that there is sufficient contrast to enable clear black and white printing. Use either Times New Roman or Arial typefaces on all your figures. Do not put boxes around your figures to enclose them. Halftones should be supplied in 300 dpi resolution.

Special Instructions and Downloads for LaTeX Users