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Author Advantages

The series of Foundations and Trends® journals provides academic authors an opportunity to publish high-quality survey and tutorial monographs in their field using modern techniques to enable both instant linking to the primary research in its electronic form and affordable paper copies. This finally delivers on the promise to authors of multiple channel publishing from a single source. The direct advantages to you as an author are:

High Quality

  • All papers are subject to stringent peer-review

  • Accepted papers are improved by comments from technical reviewers

  • Copy-editing of accepted papers ensures consistency and quality of language use

  • Modern production and typesetting techniques ensure highest quality of online and print presentation from the one author-supplied source

High Citation

  • Review and tutorial articles receive on average twice as many citations as any other type of paper

  • Author becomes recognised as "owning" the citation

Liberal Copyright

  • Authors retain copyright of the article

  • Authors are free to self-archive

  • Authors can re-use the work in books, etc without asking permission or paying fees

Wide Access

  • All students and faculty at subscribing institutions receive unlimited access

  • Unlimited course packs at subscribing institutions

  • Available for purchase in printed book form with its own ISBN


  • Authors are paid an honorarium as a "thank you" for their contribution

  • Editors and reviewers are offered an honorarium for on time reviewing.

Editorial Policy

If you intend to write, or are in the process of writing, a paper which fits within the format and scope, we will be pleased to hear from you.

Please contact an editorial board member or the publisher?to discuss your idea and its appropriateness. The full draft paper will be subject to a reviewing process to ensure quality standards and balance.