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The Concept

Each Foundations and Trends® covers a major branch of a scientific discipline and offers current, state-of-the-art review articles by opinion/research leaders in their field. Authors are allowed 50-100 pages for a complete review of the subject and articles are published upon acceptance in electronic form with the references linked to the original source. Each article is intended to put primary research into context, improving researchers' and students' understanding of the original literature. As a result, and guided by the links to source material, users have access to primary and secondary data - enriching their comprehension, retention and utilization of the content.

The Benefits

  • Identifies the most important work in a field

  • Puts published work into context

  • Provides a trusted starting point to a subject for students and faculty

  • References hyperlinked to the original work

  • Simple unlimited site licence agreement with choice of purchasing options

  • Campus-wide access for all students and faculty

  • Copyright retained by author

  • Self-archiving by author permitted

  • Unlimited course pack use at subscribing institutions permitted

Modern Publishing

Quality Gateway to Research - Each article includes a complete bibliography. Journal references are linked to the original source via CrossRef, allowing the scientist or student to "drill down" to the primary content. The combination of these hyperlinked references and accompanying authoritative text puts published work into context and gives a quality stamp, forming the gateway to the subject.

Time-to-market - The submission, review and production process are web-based with strict deadlines. The review process focuses on quality, completeness, and timeliness. This insures that the content is "fresh" upon publication.

Updating - An online updating procedure enables subsequent important new work to be identified and contextualized in real time. This includes the updating of the references, adding new data, and addressing comments. Periodically, the intermediary updates will be consolidated into a new version of an article.

Copyright - Authors retain copyright, allowing them to self-archive their article and use for their own non-commercial purposes.

Subscription Options

now is committed to making the entire experience with the library and end-user community easy, straightforward, and positive.

All Foundations and Trends® journals are easy to subscribe to, with a simple, straightforward usage agreement for online institutional subscriptions. This fast-track to access ensures that everyone at your university or company can quickly tap into the most up-to-date overviews of the subject.The standard subscription package includes both the enhanced online version and an archival paper version. You can choose, however, to subscribe to the electronic only or paper only editions at significant discounts. Access can also be set up directly with now or through your library supplier.